We offer tested and 100% functional solutions for sale over the Internet and provide complete support !!

Creating a web shop is one of the most successful investments in starting or expanding business. The financial stake in the web shop is relatively small compared to the rental prices of the stores, and the possibility of selling is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from any location that far exceeds the possibility of classical trade. We approach each project of web shop development individually and place great emphasis on the needs of the client. The first step is to define all the needs and possible specific modules so that the delivered web shop completely meets all the business needs of the client.

The web shops we deliver support all Payment Gateway systems in Serbia or abroad, as well as other forms of payment, e.g. PayPal and similar services, as well as payment by refund. Each order is monitored separately and it is always possible to obtain necessary information about the operations of the web shop, realized transactions and other essential parameters.

Enigmatic izrada web sajta webshop slika


The process of creating web pages

  • Meeting with a client
  • Define business needs of the client and the necessary modules of the web shop
  • Design of web shop design ideas according to instructions received at the meeting
  • Setting up a site on a test server
  • Backend Programming (CMS)
  • Frontend programming
  • Connection to the payment gateway system according to the client’s choice.
  • Testing and finishing
  • Putting into operation / setting up on a web hosting client

Possibilities of Enigmatic web shops

Our web shops support all the necessary functionalities, and at the request of the client it is possible to expand with additional functionalities, as needed. With all types of billing (cards, PayPal, sending),order tracking is easy just likeediting data, with most of the features included in the package.

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of groups and subgroups of group management products through CMS
  • Image gallery of each product
  • Determination of action products
  • Product Reviews for Registered Users
  • User accounts
  • Advanced basket
  • “Quick Shopping” for registered users
  • Advanced search with auto-complete function
  • Basic texts (about us, location, contacts, terms of use)
  • Unlimited number of news
  • Newsletter
  • A survey
  • Scoring users for actions in the web shop
  • Joining all payment gateway systems)
  • Other forms of payment (return and similar)
  • Connecting to social networks
  • Preparing for SEO (changing all essential tags through the system)
  • Multi-language CMS
  • CMS is customized for more currencies
  • and much more …..

Modules and functionality of the web shop by orderi

In addition to the already mentioned possibilities of web shops in our offer, some of them also have specially developed modules made according to clients’ needs and with a very specialized purpose. Such modules include linking a web shop with backend programs, e.g. for stock status, connection to data sources (XML, web services, directly to the database), Business Intelligence module, and similar